I enjoy building awesome websites

Hi! I'm Valentin, a Front-End Developer based in Bucharest, Romania. I have a passion for creating immersive visual experiences using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Here's a tiny bit of my work

Tute Genomics

A cloud-based medical web application, Tute Genomics needed a complete redesign for their main website and user dashboard. I opted to use Bootstrap in order to add responsive features and speed up the development process.

Front-end Development Bootstrap Responsive Design


Juegos Friv Mobile

A large website games website, friv.co needed a fast loading, mobile website in order to be able to serve games to a large variety of devices. The main challenge here was achieving ultra-fast under 100ms load times while at the same time maintaining a nice visual look and feel.

Mobile Front-end Development


Mijlo Essentials

A microsite showcasing essential items for designers and creatives. Built to work flawlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Front-end Development Responsive Design jQuery



A complete design and development project. My tasks were to come up with landing page design, design a logo and then code the front-end.

Logo Design Front-end Development Design


Mitech Technology

The guys over at Mitech needed a modern redesign of their mobile website that would be ultra-fast to load and that would target both smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Responsive Design Front-end Development



Front-end integration of existing designs for a cloud-based data processing web application. Fully responsive design assure that the application can be accessed from any device.

Front-end Development Responsive Design


The Future of Interactive

Microsite to showcase opinions on the future of interactive media.

Front-end Development Responsive Design jQuery

(in progress)

Let's Build Something Awesome!

Do you like what you see? I'm always looking for new projects so feel free to contact me any time and I'll get back to you ASAP.


The story so far

Who I am

Grew up in a small town, made my first website in 1998 and hosted it on GeoCities, it got around 6 views in a week, which I thought it was a lot back then so I decided to make a career out of it.

Outside of work I have a strong obsession with old sci-fi shows like The Twilight Zone and Doctor Who and I've been known to spend whole weekends playing boardgames with my friends.

What I do

One sentence: "I build websites", but that's a bit reductive. I'm a front-end developer primarily working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. I also know my way around backend develoment and have a working knowledge of PHP, MySQL and ASP.NET.

Whether it is within a team or doing freelance work, I'm very easy to work with, fast to adapt, a rapid learner and early adopter.

Primary attributes

HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
Front-End 80%
RWD 80%
JavaScript 70%

New on my blog

Install Eclipse IDE and WAMP for JAVA + MySQL

A short video tutorial on how to setup a development environment for JAVA + MYSQL projects. I used Eclipse as the IDE and WAMP but it should work with XAMPP, MAMP or LAMP as well.

Build an eCommerce Website with PHP – Part 4 – WAMP & Oracle SQL

So far we’ve looked at how the site was conceived and gained some general knowledge of PHP, HTML, JavaScript. We also took a quick look at how the database was built. Now it’s time to move on to the actual project files and get them running on a local machine. Download Project Files Setting up …Continue Reading

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