Microsoft Student Rally – My Winning Entries


Listed below are all my winning entries from the Microsoft Student Rally contest. They’re all fine examples of my Photoshop skills and each is accompanied by a short description.

The Rally was open to students from around the world so competition was high. In the challenges that I won, my competitors were students from different countries, including students from Stanford and other high-ranking universities. I’m happy to say that I kept in touch with some of them.

Video Challenge

December 2009
The goal in this challenge was simple, I had 30 seconds to convince the judges that I deserved an Xbox.I kept everything as simple as possible, relying on a couple of royalty-free images, my basic Windows Movie-Maker skills and a cheap microphone I had lying around.

My funny accent must have won them over as I was one of the five winners. The prize? An Xbox :)

Dress for Success

March 2010

This time I had to show how I’d prepare for my dream-job, extra points would be given for also capturing the essence of that job.

I chose to make my entry in the style of comic books. Each of the six panels was supposed to be a step towards the goal and was based on my own experiences. The final image was made in Photoshop using some basic techniques and a lot overlays. The last panel was the hardest to make, not because I lacked the technical skills, but because out of the 7 shots I took, none looked like I was facing a real interview committee.

In the end everything came together and I managed to walk away with the prize.

Scholarship Challenge

April 2010

The last challenge was a bit different, only previous winners had the right to compete. In this challenge, the goal was to design a three-panel picture showing how students use Microsoft products for learning, in the work environment and for relaxation(learn, work and play).

I made my entry with an emphasis on growth, that’s why two of the panels have a staircase theme. The third panel, play, did not have the same theme, in order to distinguish it from the others. I also added doors to each panel in order to establish a simple narrative and further empathise the notion of growth and progress.

This was one of the most complex visual compositions I had done thus far and was chosen as the winning entry. The grand prize was a 10.000$ scholarship.